Alpina D-Dsnb-Private Airplane by Hakan Gursu

Hakan Gursu Designs The Alpina D-Dsnb Private Airplane

Hakan Gursu, the thinktank behind the awarded work Private Airplane:Alpina D-DSNB by Hakan Gursu illustrates, This plane is designed for 4 people’s usage. Because of being able to land and take off in short distances, it can be used in mountainous <Cropped>

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Smart Lamp by Francesco Dolce

Francesco Dolce Illustrates The Woodie Luna Smart Lamp Smart Lamp

Francesco Dolce, the designer of the displayed design Woodie Luna Smart Lamp - Smart Lamp by Francesco Dolce explicates, Luna Smart Lamp is the first lamp that integrates Amazon Alexa voice services and Qi Wireless Charging. Luna is a fresh take on a <Cropped>

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Mixed-Use Building by Leppanen Anker Arquitectos

Leppanen Anker Arquitectos Spotlights The Gaia Mixed-Use Building

Leppanen Anker Arquitectos, the lead designer of the awarded project Mixed-Use Building by Leppanen Anker Arquitectos spells out, Gaia is located near a newly proposed government building that incorporates a metro stop, a large shopping center, and <Cropped>

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Award Winning Globe Floor Lamp

Edoardo Colzani Illustrates The Globe Floor Lamp

Edoardo Colzani, the creative mind behind the award winning work Edoardo Colzani's Globe Floor Lamp explains, The design of Globe floor lamp by Edoardo Colzani originates from a sphere, reinterpreted by cutting its upper and bottom parts to crea <Cropped>

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Modular Food Furniture

All and Enofrigo Invite You to Propose a Concept For An Innovative Product Dedicated to The Catering Industry, Based On New Applications of Technologies and Materials Already Used by The Idea Contest On Desall and Enofrigo Invite Y

All and enofrigo invite you to propose a concept for an innovative product dedicated to the catering industry, based on new applications of technologies and materials already used by the company.New idea contest on desall and enofrigo inv <Cropped>

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Public Seating by Dening He

Dening He Demonstrates The Manifold Bench Public Seating

Dening He, the project leader of the award winning design Public Seating:Manifold Bench by Dening He explicates, The idea came from the Pacific Northwest that rich in forest resources, so imagine an environmentally friendly, fast production bench wit <Cropped>

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Jewelry Boutique by Jimmy Hung

Jimmy Hung Illustrates The Anabela Chan Joaillerie-Ham Yard Hotel Jewelry Boutique

Jimmy Hung, the lead designer of the award winning design Jewelry Boutique by Jimmy Hung explicates, As the boutique is the client’s flagship store in London, the design aims to compliment and highlight the nature inspired Jewellery pieces. Posit <Cropped>

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Acclaimed Designer's Clear Reflections Jewelry Shop

Acclaimed Designer Demonstrates The Clear Reflections Jewelry Shop

The thinktank behind the highlighted design Jewelry Shop:Clear Reflections by Acclaimed Designer spells out, Amongst the rich urban camphor trees, an idea of using the outspreaded transparent shopfront windows and the wide use of mirrors to reflect a <Cropped>

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Stillness-Residential by Peter Cheng

Peter Cheng Presents The Stillness Residential

Peter Cheng, the creator of the awarded design Award Winning Stillness Residential points out, This residence located in a quiet community in the hillside. Keep the entire surface of the floor to ceiling windows in the entrance. Bring plenty of natur <Cropped>

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Tzu-Chiao Lin's Elegance and Fashion Residence

Tzu-Chiao Lin Designs The Elegance and Fashion Residence

Tzu-Chiao Lin, the thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning Elegance and Fashion Residence spells out, To put up with vigor and vitality, with corresponding to their identity, the arrangement of the whole space pays more attention to eleg <Cropped>

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