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As we become more aware of the fragility of the world around us, the value we place on the outdoor spaces we use, both public and private, is increasing. We are also beginning to understand the importance of successful design for these spaces, to max <Cropped>

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Office:a Mesmerizing World of Commercial Space by Yu Wen Chiu

Yu Wen Chiu Designs The a Mesmerizing World of Commercial Space Office

Yu Wen Chiu, the architect of the awarded project Office by Yu Wen Chiu says, They are abundantly used by designers to create an aesthetics ambience. As guests survey the commercial space and uncover these secrets, they will be able to enjoy a visual <Cropped>

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Gianpietro Tonetti-Roma Collection Collection of Fixed and Extending Tables

At Design Interviews

Interview with gianpietro tonetti : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. gianpietro tonetti : The idea was to propose a piece of furniture that could fit into different environments with different living <Cropped>

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Origyn : International Space Habitat Architecture Competition

Physicist Stephen Hawking in 2017 Reasserted His View That Humans Must Become An Interstellar Species in The Near Future or Risk “being Annihilated”. “the Earth Is Under Threat From So Many Areas That It Is Difficult For Me to Be Positive, ” The

Physicist stephen hawking in 2017 reasserted his view that humans must become an interstellar species in the near future or risk “being annihilated”. “the earth is under threat from so many areas that it is difficult for me to be positive, <Cropped>

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Nikidom Roller by Sylvie Cherian

Sylvie Cherian Discloses The Nikidom Roller Schoolbag

Sylvie Cherian, the author of the displayed project Sylvie Cherian's Nikidom ROLLER Schoolbag points out, The Nikidom ROLLER schoolbag is the first one on the market with very BIG wheels (17,5 cm diameter), which are not just attractive to look <Cropped>

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Hotel and Serviced Apartments:rosemont Hotel and Residences by Zas Architects in Association With K&p

Zas Architects in Association With K&p Reveals The Rosemont Hotel and Residences Hotel and Serviced Apartments

ZAS Architects in Association with K&P, the author of the displayed design Hotel and Serviced Apartments by ZAS Architects in Association with K&P demonstrates, From conception to construction, the client’s vision for the project mandated t <Cropped>

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White and Steel-School Office by Tetsuya Matsumoto

Tetsuya Matsumoto Demonstrates The White and Steel School Office

Tetsuya Matsumoto, the designer of the highlighted design School office by Tetsuya Matsumoto demonstrates, White and Steel is a design for Toshin Satellite Preparatory School in Nagata Ward, Kobe City, Japan. The school wanted a new reception and off <Cropped>

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Electric Sports Bike by Diavelo

Diavelo Demonstrates The Veloce Race E Bike Electric Sports Bike

Diavelo, the author of the highlighted project Veloce Race E Bike by Diavelo explains, The Pininfarina Evoluzione Race electric bike bike is a new category of the electric bike industry. Research has shown that needs for electric race sports bikes ar <Cropped>

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Real Estate Agency by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Spotlights The The Float Real Estate Agency

The creative mind behind the highlighted project Acclaimed Designer's The Float Real Estate Agency illustrates, We design architecture ,interior and landscape in this project. The case is a “Realestate Agency”, the name of the realestate is <Cropped>

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Ketan Jawdekar-Level 12 Rooftop Restaurant and Lounge

At Design Interviews

Interview with Ketan Jawdekar : Frank Scott: What is the main principle, idea and inspiration behind your design?. Ketan Jawdekar : Architecturally, we had designed the rooftop into split levels to accommodate a lap pool on terrace and a fitness ce <Cropped>

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