Elliyedibon Mirror

Furniture Design Focus: Elliyedibon Mirror

A Good Furniture design example, the Elliyedibon is a creative Mirror design. Elliyedibon was designed in 2010, and here is a how it is described by its designer: Elliyedibon is a very big mirror designed to fit lobbies and other big spaces, the desi <Cropped>

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Lucky Christmas Boots

Clothing and Fashion Accessories Design Focus: Lucky Christmas Boots

A Good Clothing and Fashion Accessories design example, the Lucky Christmas is a creative Boots design. Lucky Christmas was designed in 2010, and here is a how it is described by its designer: These boots are designed to bring luck during Christmas, <Cropped>

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Coss by Gyeong-Gyu Jeon

Gyeong-Gyu Jeon Spotlights The Coss Stationery Supply

Gyeong-Gyu Jeon, the designer of the award winning design COSS - Stationery Supply by Gyeong-Gyu Jeon spells out, ‘Coss’ will decrease worry of users regarding tools even when it comes to an unexpected works. ‘Coss’ will provide four stationa <Cropped>

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Golden Pin Design Award & Golden Pin Concept Design Award 2019

Taiwan’s Golden Pin Design Award 2019 Call For Entries Is Now Open. The Award Is a Golden Opportunity For Companies, Design Teams, and Individuals From All Around The Globe to Demonstrate Design Excellence in Taiwan, Asia, and Beyond. The Early Bird Ent

Taiwan’s golden pin design award 2019 call for entries is now open. the award is a golden opportunity for companies, design teams, and individuals from all around the globe to demonstrate design excellence in taiwan, asia, and beyond. the early bir <Cropped>

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Ring by Eleni Tezapsidou

Eleni Tezapsidou Spotlights The Nostalgia Ring

Eleni Tezapsidou, the maker of the award winning design Award Winning Nostalgia Ring demonstrates, Nostalgia is rhombic, set with black diamonds.Its shape combined with the stones set sideways,was inspired by two people's longing to meet again. <Cropped>

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Pocheng Chu, Yayi Tsai and Yingyu Chen's Lights Across The Tree Residence

Pocheng Chu, Yayi Tsai and Yingyu Chen Creates The Lights Across The Tree Residence

PoCheng Chu, YaYi Tsai and YingYu Chen, the thinktank behind the displayed project Award Winning Lights across the Tree Residence points out, At the beginning of this project, preserving most of the original interior design are taken into considerati <Cropped>

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Korean Bbq Shop by Cheng Hui Hsin

Cheng Hui Hsin Reveals The Koreapalace Korean Bbq Shop

Cheng Hui Hsin, the creative mind behind the awarded work Korean BBQ Shop by Cheng Hui Hsin explicates, Recently South Korea culture has become popular all around the world, moreover, barbecue shops has become the new fashion trade of restaurant ma <Cropped>

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Public Transportation by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Exhibits The Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus Public Transportation

The author of the highlighted work Acclaimed Designer's Express Rail Link West Kowloon Terminus Public Transportation says, The terminus will be one of the largest underground terminus stations in the world upon completed. The 380,000sqm facilit <Cropped>

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The Touch of Elegancy-Residence by Fu-Han Tsai

Fu-Han Tsai Discloses The The Touch of Elegancy Residence

Fu-Han Tsai, the project leader of the awarded project Residence:The Touch of Elegancy by Fu-Han Tsai explicates, This is a residence, in 70 square footage, with mezzanine floor in which the designer creates a comfortable modern place with classical <Cropped>

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Your Umbrella, Your Perletti

Perletti and Desall Invite You to Create a New Umbrella, Able to Distinguish Itself From The Competitors Thanks to Its Design and Style Details That Make It a Very Distinguishable Product.your Umbrella, Your Perletti-design Your Iconic Umbrella On Desal

Perletti and desall invite you to create a new umbrella, able to distinguish itself from the competitors thanks to its design and style details that make it a very distinguishable product.Your umbrella, your perletti - design your iconic umbrella on <Cropped>

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